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The Core Values of the Caddo Nation Office of Gaming Commission are the cornerstone to the overall success of the agency.  Being a good steward of the Caddo Nation and its Citizens will always remain a priority as we conduct business and regulate the Caddo Nation's Gaming Facilities in a professional manner.

  • Integrity - It is imperative to hold a high standard of legal, ethical, and honest traits while being consistent in our efforts to be successful.

  • Reverence - We must strive to be professional, respectful, and attentive to all while determining organizational substances.

  • Collaborative - In order to be economically competitive, we must be willing to form and bridge partnerships with successful enterprises to create an advantageous environment as well as promote individual development. This will be accomplished by serving the Tribe and its Members to ensure the enrichment of the Citizens and Government of the Caddo Nation.

  • Empowerment - It is vital that employees have the necessary tools and information to be successful so they can regulate internal affairs in an effective and efficient manner.

  • Accountability - We must strive to hold Hasinai Gaming Enterprise and employees to a higher standard to accomplish operational goals and success to further economic goals.

  • Commitment to Excellence -  The overall success of the Caddo Nation is the catalyst of CNOGC and the success of Hasinai Gaming Enterprise will be direct reflection of the success the Caddo Nation accomplishes.

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